How to create Proxy chain | proxy chaining tutorial

A proxy is a server that acts as a gateway between your computer and your destination. Read my previous post on proxy server for detail. Proxy servers are used to stay anonymous over the internet. .
By using proxy server you can hide your real IP over the internet while surfing.


the website will get the IP of the proxy not yours.

Proxy Chaining: Proxy chaining is the use of more than 1 proxy servers to stay anonymous. You can use as many proxy servers as you can or want. The more you have, the more anonymous you will be. This can be shown like this..


the user first connect to Proxy1. After connecting to Proxy1, Now the user will connect to Proxy2, then, the user will connect to Proxy3, then the user will connect to Proxy4, and thus using N proxies, the user will then connect to website he want to use.

You can use as many proxies u want but you can never be 100% anonymous.

How to create proxy chaining

Download any proxy chaining software the one I like most is Proxifier. You can use free public proxy address. Just google or may go to site www.hidemyass.com there you will find lots of free public proxies.
But beware!!!these may not be anonymous. So use on your risk.

  1. Open 'Proxifier' and then click on 'Option' tab and click on 'Proxy Setting, 
  2. then click 'Add' to open the window.
  3. then fill up Proxy address and port number. The port number must be unique.
  4. Select the proxy type
  5. Add proxies to the proxy chain by clicking the 'Add proxy' 
  6. then Click OK.


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