Solar-tracking robot rambles on its four wheels

What you see above is a solar-powered robot that could amaze you when it runs on its four wheels. Created by American inventor and kinetic artist Dan Roe, the minimally designed sculptural robot is autonomous in energy acquisition and control. The unpredictably moving Trilobot is also fitted with compound eyes and caudal legs to generate a weak phototropism.

The offset legs allow this creature to move over bumps and cracks with extreme ease. Designed with open source 1381 solar engine circuits, the zero-emission, battery-less robots also flaunt off-the-shelf technologies (including o-rings and hose clamps).


What is a Proxy?
A proxy or proxy server is basically a server that sits between your computer or local network and a larger network or the Internet itself. 

Different Types of Proxies? 

Transparent Proxy

A transparent proxy announces to the world that it's a proxy, and passes on your information. It provides no privacy improvements. It can provide a benefit by caching frequently accessed pages; many companies also use this system for filtering purposes.

Anonymous Proxy

An anonymous proxy offers the caching benefits of a transparent proxy, while hiding your IP address (by replacing with either the proxies IP, or a random address. The downside to this approach is that sites that use address detection to establish unique users (online games, voting, some logins) will not be able to distinguish you from others in your domain. Of course, that might be a bonus sometimes.

Elite Proxy / Highly Anonymous Proxy

A highly anonymous (often known as an elite proxy) makes your system look the same as a non-proxied system (with the proxy server's IP address). This provides the best security; however, all the caveats of an anonymous proxy are still present. In addition, an anonymous proxy's existance can be detected, and the server can suggest workarounds, but there's no way to detect an elite proxy. Again, that may be your goal

New Working Leech Sites on Mobile and PC

Hey guy i found two new working leech website. I testd on my PC and its wrkng perfecty rocking. 
PREMIUM You can download as premium from:
rapidshare.com, hotfile.com, filefactory.com,
uploaded.to, megaupoload.com, depositfiles.



Date:10-08-2011- I found more since leech sites are very much dynamic in nature they either stop working or require premium membership. Thus quest for new leech sites will never end.

http://www.frendzleech.com  - its working i have  check it.                        


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