About HTML5?

So What’s New in HTML 5?

Well if you look at the HTML5 websites and applications you may feel that it is more of a programming language, but the truth is that it’s the same old HTML with some new markup tags and attributes, which make web designing easier than ever before. It’s backward compatible with HTML4 and thus you need not learn it from scratch. The new semantic tags, web page segmentation, the new link types, improved Media Handling with and tags are just a few important new features that we will discuss in this article, that are sure to affect your SEO strategies.....

And what are the features that affect My SEO and How?
HTML5 is based on various design principles,

  1. Compatibility
  2. Utility
  3. Interoperability
  4. Universal access
      With these four principles around HTML5 has made sure that it is coded in an intelligent way to move a step closer towards semantic web.
      Well anyone who has been in the game of SEO will be surely aware of its basic pillars:
      1. Search Engine crawlers indexing your pages in their databases
      2. Speed , faster loading WebPages are ranked high
      3. Quality (not quantity) of links, pingbacks.
          HTML5 promises to deliver all of it to you, but in a bit more intelligent yet simple way.

          Well after reading this post if you wish to learn more about HTML5 I have a few recommended sources that may help you learn more about this wonderful technology:
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