Anonymous Surfing-Hide your real IP-Ultra surf

Ultra surf is a small free tool/utility that help you to bypass the firewall/gateway/router  restriction imposed by your ISP,at your workplace,schools or colleges. It also help to stay anonymous by hiding your real IP.

It tunnels all the http(s) traffic on the port 9666 through SSL to an american server. By using it, one can bypass censorship as well as stay anonymous on the internet. Since it is SSL enabled therefore, encrypting all of your internet activity so that third parties can't trace what you have been viewing or doing online.

UltraSurf doesn't require installation and can be run from a USB memory stick, which makes it perfect to carry around in your pendrive and use if you need to browse the web from a public computer.

Facts of UltraSurf:
  1. Service provided for 6 years
  2. Millions of users
  3. Users from over 150 countries
  4. Daily hits over 300 million
  5. Daily traffic over 5,000 GB
  6. Privacy

DOWNLOAD: http://www.ultrasurf.org/


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