Combine 3G 4G Mobile Data + Wifi together to Boost Download Speeds

For your mobile downloads, you often have a choice to take your web browsing or downloads over Mobile data (3G or 4g) OR Wifi.

With 3.5G and 4G speeds attaining great speeds, it is comparable to those available via Wifi. However, sometimes your Need for Speed is higher than the both, How about combining 3G / 4G Mobile data with Wifi internet to boost your download speeds?

BackTrack 5 R3 Released

Backtrack is one of the best Linux distribution for penetration testing, it helps ethical hackers to perform the penetration testing on the network, web application, wireless network, RFID and many more. Backtrack 5 was the last released but now backtrack 5 R3 has been released by the backtrack community.

What official website describe about it:

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