Solution to Battery plugged in but not charging

Today As usual I was using my laptop when I saw something typical happening with Battery status. Even though the power was plugged in, it showed ” plugged in, not charging“.

So I started doing a bit of googling on the web and finally found the solution here.

  1. Turn off laptop.
  2. Unplug AC power.
  3. Remove battery.
  4. Replace AC power.
  5. Turn on laptop, allow OS to boot.
  6. Once logged in to the machine, perform a normal shut down.
  7. Unplug AC power.
  8. Replace battery.
  9. Replace AC power.
  10. Turn on laptop, allow OS to boot. The battery should once again be charging as normal.

Researchers create hydrogen from ethanol using solar energy

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and its presence on our planet isnt limited. However, one problem with hydrogen is that it is not found in its pure form on the earth, which means that it has to be extracted from sources such as methane and water, both of which require a lot of energy. A team of researchers at Spains Universitat Politcnica de Catalunya, Scotlands University of Aberdeen and New Zealands University of Auckland have now created a process, using which hydrogen can be produced from renewable ethanol using sunlight.......

Green Transformer – Solar-powered algae refinery floats on water

Displayed at Seoul International Design Competition 2010, the Green Transformer is a concept algae refinery that is supposed to extract valuable bio-oil from algae in pools and ponds. The entirely solar-powered, floating processing plant makes use of a certain chemical additive during the suction to produce biodiesel for automobile and vessels. Moreover, the mechanism helps in removing pollutants from our water bodies.

As you can see in the above image, the Green Transformer folds itself and the solar panels as well when it is not in use. Where the fan-like solar canopy shelters the algae under it, an oil tanks at its center collects oil for future use.

Finally Nokia N9 shows up in China

When guys from the NegriElectronics leaked a Nokia device back in June, it appeared to be the N8 with an additional tilting QWERTY slider however, this previously unknown Nokia slider is actually the widely rumored N9. The new round of reports has convinced the guys at Engadget and they have decided to bring the scandal to an end. While the featured image does not match the prototype, built in Finland, that features an entirely metallic construction with keyboard buttons, USB cover, and a few trappings in plastic. 

Check out more images after the jump:

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