World record for data transfer speeds broken

In an effort to push the limits, researchers have conducted a test and have surpassed the world record for data transfer speeds. Data was, in effect, transmitted to and from the destination at a combined rate of 186Gbps (gigabits per second). This speed is fast enough to transfer millions upon millions of gigabytes of data. To put it more simply, this speed is equal to the amount of data in approximately a hundred thousand Blu-ray discs within a single day.
This discovery might pave the way for networks to have standard transfer rates of 100Gbps. It would also be able to speed up the sharing of scientific research and data transfer processes.
Data was sent from the University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia, to the Washington State Convention Centre in Seattle and back again. The research team was able to achieve two-way data rates of 186Gbps. This broke their previous record of 119Gbps that they were able to set in 2009.
Source – BBC

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