Low-cost solar lanterns for poor students

With charging lights costing big bucks, poor students are still left out with two options—either to study under a kerosene lantern or go for a candle. Keeping in view such students, who study in dark, D. Light Company rolled out world’s cheapest lantern that runs with solar energy a few years ago and now it is been reported that the project has been successful. I feel so privileged to write a review about the product that is not aimed at deep pockets but brainy muffs. A special report!

Named S1, the solar lantern is very bright and can provide enough light so that your eyes don’t come under pressure while reading in dark. This solar lantern is available for less than eight USD. A day’s charging will enable the light to glow for about four hours. The solar. lantern has got an LED bulb. It is a a very small device that can be carried even in the pocket. Reportedly, this lantern has become a big hit in the Indian market with every single student among a group of 275 students switching to it. The survey by D. Light in India claimed that all the students, who used S1 have shown better results comparatively.

SI solar lantern, though aimed at students, anyone can go for it. It is undoubtedly a good product. Cheaper price element apart, one should always try to encourage such eco-friendly goods. However, there’s another product from the same company, which may be much more useful to others. S250, which also runs with solar energy is a two-in-one product. It acts as a lamp as well as mobile charger. I suggest you guys to switch to such eco-friendly products. Above all, eco-friendly goods are also pocket-friendly.


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