Login With Multiple Accounts Within One Browser

Some time we require to Login to our different accounts of Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo,  etc without Signing Out from first one. If you are in such situation than you can use a Firefox Addon called Multifox which allows Firefox to connect to websites using different user names Simultaneously!. Isn't that great. For that you require a Mozilla Firefox browser which you can get freely from Firefox Website

For example, if you have multiple Gmail accounts, you can open them all at the same time. Each Firefox window, managed by Multifox, accesses an account without interfering each other. Just follow below step to get Multifox Addon on your Firefox.

1.Go to http://br.mozdev.org/multifox/
And click on Install (Install for your Firefox Ver 3.6 or 4)

2.It may give you a pop up to allow it. Just click allow and you will see a install window like below. Click On Install.

3.After Installing you will be asked to Restart your Firefox. Just save your work and Restart.

4. After restarting your browser you can right click on Tab menu and then select Open in a new Identity profile


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