Laser technology ensures sustainable flight for multi mission UAV’s

After successfully powering robots using lasers last year, Seattle based Research and Development Company Laser Motive has claimed yet another feat which could resolve the energy problems of conventional unmanned aerial vehicles. The company has succeeded in keeping a model helicopter hovering for six hours, powered only by the energy of a laser.
The experiment requires a beam tracking the helicopter automatically and illuminating its photovoltaic panels that are optimized for laser’s wavelength. The PV cells convert around 50 percent of the laser power to electricity which is enough to keep the rotors spinning and elongate the operation period.
The development could be a leap forward in ensuring a sustainable flight for the UAV’s that are unable to meet their energy requirements through solar power alone die their heavy weight. The hovering helicopter could be recharged on the base or in flight by hovering above a laser base for lengthy periods.


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