Lamp lights without a socket or sun!

 the makers of the Zen light, still in the nascent stage of development, actually claim that it does not need any external source to light itself. It actually depends on the “magnetic engine” that the lamp is already equipped with. The way this lamp functions is both simple and intriguing. The magnets placed inside the lamp make sure that they create enough force to keep the lamp spinning. Now this spinning, in return, powers a series of LED diodes. The power thus generated helps the lamp light up without any external assistance.

The designs shown so far are sleek and very contemporary.
Just while penning this down, here is an afterthought. Since the idea is so simplistic and basic in nature, could we not adapt it (in its cheaper version of course!) and use it to light the kerosene-lit, forest-covered areas that still darken the world map of the 21st century.


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