Supreme court has removed ceiling of 50% reservations . Selfish and corrupt politicians will make sure that reservations reach 100%. Either you remain indifferent and lose everything or be awaken. Choice is yours future is at stake . If you are not concerned than why others????? What is YOURS Opinion


Sapan July 15, 2010 at 11:12 AM  

The reasoning that jobs should be granted to castes on the basis of their % population out of total in a state is an unreasonable and illogical demand. Anyone who has merit and clears the entrance test or exam should get the job, irrespective of his or her caste. This is what was supported by the freedom fighters and this is what our corrupt divisive politicians are trying to ignore.

Unjust 69% quota in TN must be scrapped.

The politics of divide and rule and politics of vote bank should stop. We are one nation and we should not allow petty politicians to divide us on the basis of castes or religions.

Sapan July 15, 2010 at 11:14 AM  

Just remove Quota system from India ..if we want to see a developed India.Otherwise it will be very difficult for us to be the no 1 in world.I have seen many guys and gals who have pass their life with full of amusement and casulaay till 12th and then use quota to enter into an elite institute,while some other general caste guy do his best to get into that institute. This process demoralize the general caste guys.. So plz stop quota system.

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