3-D Projection Tech Makes Images Hover in Mid-Air, No Screen Necessary

Aerial 3D by Burton Using lasers to excite nitrogen and oxygen in the air, the Aerial 3D system produces natural 3-D images in space without using a screen.
It’s a kind of validation when our past visions of the future and the present collide, reminding us that things we thought were possible back then actually were within reach. Take, for example, Tokyo-based Burton’s Aerial 3D technology. The company claims it’s the first 3-D tech that casts three-dimensional objects in mid-air without using any kind of screen. 
Rather than using a screen to generate the illusion of three dimensions, Aerial 3D is a laser system that uses beams of light projected from below to generate plasma excitation in atoms of oxygen and nitrogen in the air. It currently can create 50,000 points of light per second, giving it a somewhat choppy frame rate of 10-15 fps. Burton is working to improve that to 24-30 fps, comparable to that of basic video.
The result of all of this is a floating, 3-D image that can be viewed naturally in 360 degrees. 

How-to: use Google Music from anywhere (yes, outside of the United States)

While browsing internet I found a cool stuff that i would like to share with you. It is about using Google Music Service Outside USA.Using Google Music service you can upload upto 20,000 songs and can listen them anywhere .. A video is also included to help you out in case you find some difficulties in following the steps..

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